Sunday, June 28, 2009

Away & Looking 4 Inspirastion

There were so many buildings, people movements, lights, arts that inspired me while I was away. We went to an art show in the Bellagio Hotel art gallery in Las Vegas Nevada. The Lichtenstein, Warhol & friends being featured January- September 2009. No cameras allowed in that exhibit. But I was able to get myself in to some trouble as I was caught red handed taking photos of the Cirque-de-solis

Monday, June 15, 2009

Your Every Color

Yesterday I posted the finished piece I'd named it laughter just cause it was solo. Now I have completed the master piece. I really do like it, each canvas are different sizes. Each eye & mouth are the same size 6x8 the nose is a 4x6 all finished in acrylic paint, I am calling it "Your Every Color"
with a bubble gum smile... A green eye looking away.... Orange I smell....purple haze evil eye LOL.. It has a lot of personality and expression.

Project In The Works....

Currently working on a kind of collage. Started tonight from the bottom up. "Laughter" is what I am naming this half of the painting, It's a 4x6 small acrylic. Unsure if I am finished with the shadow or not but I will keep you posted. I will continue to add to this and upload each painting as I go.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

LoSt iN oUtTeR sPacE

Just jamm'n to some Dave Matthews the long awaited new CD. I am confused about the idea of becoming "33". Unsure if 33 is old enough to finally feel right about my opinions or old enough to know when to keep my mouth shut. I was down for a few days a week ago. Let me set my point of view before I explain the situation. My No.1 belief is all things happen for a reason. No.2 Words are spoken from strangers who catch you off guard, because it's irrelevant to the person speaking the words they are just the messenger. It makes you think, sometimes gives comfort but it is all knowledge. No.3 never bring negativity to the table, energy is and always should be a positive never a feeling of doubt. No.4 Never tell yourself you can't do anything cause can't never did and wont never will. No.5 If you believe you can, you will. If you want it you will seceded. So now you know the kind of person I am, A guy who I have become pen pals with for a little over a week, So I introduce myself and a little about me. I said, "I am a struggling artist." he said, "you know you have become what you wanted to be when your doing what you like." He said, "there is no struggle when you have achieved it, you have become it"
I am everything I wanted to be....Sigh and a smirk on my face I became humble, Some sort of enter peace over come me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today was the Water Street Gallery 1st annual show of 6x6

Some of you where unable to join us in the event that is was a Thursday night at 6pm. But for me it was my Friday.
I took these wonderful pictures, some being sold just as you walked in the door. I have to brag on my dear friend C.E. As I so often do... Our Work was some of the best work there. Among all the work the diversity in styles and the time some really put in their work was apparent. Others just placed photos printed on canvas and masked on the original 6x6...This was a wonderful date night for me and my husband.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Route 66 Art Show

My work was published on flyer for the June 6, 2009 (I am so Proud) first annual Art Show with 100+ entry's featured at The Water Street Gallery located in Sapulpa Oklahoma

I've been working on a series of buttons for the up coming route 66 Art Show. Each piece will be sold for 66 dollars on June 6, 2009 in Sapulpa Oklahoma on Route 66 a carnival family atmosphere. Lots of food and beer and fun. A celebration of the greatest highway in America. I am happy to be a part of. Come join us....

SO if your near come on out.