Monday, August 17, 2009

August Is Such A Busy Month 4 Me

So with all that said I would like to introduce you to my latest most exciting project yet, I believe I am going to help design the outside of an airplane. This last weekend I meet a gentleman who invited me to his hanger, I was able to take lots of pictures, just to get an idea as to what I will be working with. I wanted to share them with you (my viewers).

  • 08 My Wedding Anniversary
  • 13 Classes started for Rogers State University "RSU"
  • 10 Alexia Jade's Birthday
  • 18 Husband's Birthday
  • 20 Grand father's Birthday
  • 19 Daughter's school starts
  • 22 Daughter's Birthday
  • 25 Mother's Birthday
  • 27 Father's Birthday
So yes, I am really busy this month. While I am celebrating birthday's I will continue to imagine something wonderful to help design...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jack Nicholson In The Shining

I had a request from a friend who said all my subjects are feminine, what can I paint that he would really like he gave me some ideas, sent me a picture. It's finished now I was really excited about the post....... I used water colors for now & considering finishing up with acrylic, as for now it is complete