Thursday, October 24, 2013


Meet Wanchai she's a labradoodle. With the sweetest demeanor. She is playful yet gentle. She's a fast learner and  very playful at the right times. She is snugly an loves her big sister. Her favorite toys are a pock-a-dotted squeaky rubber chicken, an antler that is not in the illustration. She loves to chase chipmunks around the yard too. Her human sister enjoys reading and tennis. Both enjoy being out doors and exploring. 

beginning of the commission

Painting of Wanchai & her favorite things
Contact me if your interested in something as creative as this.

Process From a Photo to a Painting

I take a photo

I paint the photo

It's all yours
I have this thing I do, I love to capture a photo an bring it life in a painting. It brings me great joy to challenge myself to recreate exactly as my eye sees it. Reality is our brain sees or hears something and we reinterpret its the way we can best understand it by mimicking our depiction. 
That right there is the challenge. I enjoy doing commissions for this very reason. 
contact me if your interested.

First Ever Solo Art Show September 2012

Hanging for the show
Art hung for the show
 My first ever solo show I was a nervous wreak. The show was at

We had 30 different pieces to hang. We had a fabulous turn out. Many of my friends came out in support and so many people I didn't know. This was a huge success to both my mind and my career as an artist.  
Refreshments for the show

What an amazing spread of Yummys

So many spring rolls we tried to trade them on Craig's list

Me & my wonderful supporters 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

He sent me a photo of an abandoned old Truck

photo sent
front view of photo sent

 drawing in progress

finished drawing

"1979 Underneath The Pale Blue Sky"

"1979 Underneath The Pale Blue Sky" 

 My little sister moved to Indiana nearly a year ago to accept a job offer. I decided to send her a sunset every chance I got. This was the first sunset. named after "An American tale" one of her favorite childhood films.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Things with Butterflies

Recently exploring things with wings.... 
The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.  ~Rabindranath Tagore

Past and Present

My version
Norman Rockwell's Original Design

The opposite side of the mailbox
A gift for a retired Postal worker, his past & present.

A Little Help From My "Friends"

I'd been looking for a little helper in the studio.
So I painted a lil reminder of my childhood happiness. This lil Fraggle Rock Doozer helps me out from time to time... I've painted murals on all my walls around me. Contact Brushstrokes & Imagination, if you're thinking about something unique to add to your walls.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather 12x30

 You can find something similar in most things I paint. 
From the colors of the rainbow to the splashes of nature.
 This painting is one of the first to be featured in my first ever solo show.
Happening September 7, 2012
more information posted soon.   


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Arts Festival TIME

Rembrandt Tulip 

 Sapulpa holds an Arts Festival each year featuring local artist. Each piece will be for sell May 17, 2012 through June 20. Each 6x6 is for  money raised is for the Sapulpa Arts council. Hope to see y'all there June 6th 
Together 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas
All art copyrights of Brushstrokes & Imagination



April is Autism awareness month. This lil man has personally touched my life.   

We are POKE fan's

 Costume university football Logo art. It's a wonderful addition to an otherwise known as an obsession. For the person who as it all, but wants something unique. Gallery wrapped canvas or a mailbox or whatever your heart desires.  
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Not a carnival of Face painting

Day of the dead practice face painting, first attempt. The next day I painted a  professional model (Charley M.) Followed by a professional photo shoot (Rutland Photography). All work will be published later. As an opportunity it was Amazing! Special Thanks to &

The Beauty of Lu "feathers In her hair"

Original photo #2

Original photo #1

"The Beauty of Lu" finished product

Black & White

Example of realism

Drawing a lil more Personal

"Stop Asking For More" drawing colored pencils

"Stop asking for more"

Art 2 Skin Custom Tattoo Designs

Henna Tattoo design for a customer who digs my creativity

Starting at $40 more detail more time more it cost. These are two of many examples... Contact me for more information @

It's A Dirty Job But I do "it"

Flaming Hot the top lid of a toilet seat

The lid when it's closed

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I'll paint on nearly anything

A jungle theme