Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A duet of Circles

2 for the price of 1
 each one is framed in a 6'x6' frame
watercolors & circles 40.00+5.00 shipping

Purple Haze

11x14 Purple Nude for sale with Silver frame no glass 50.00+7.00 shipping

Watching Plants Grow

As pictured here with the white frame cost 125.00+15.00 shipping or without frame 100.00+5.00 shipping 

34th Street

 2 paintings for the price of 1
Side by side these paintings can be placed either way as displayed here complimenting that dull boring taupe on your walls. Hangers are on the back and sides are painted ready to hang. 

Spit'n Image

~ ~ ~325.00 + 25.00 Shipping ~ ~ ~

This one of a kind 3'x3' gallery wrapped painting primary colors as droplets & black & white used for the image of the pin-up. 
view of the painting on the wall